I put out the flames,
and you set it ablaze,
climbed your hill,
carried your weight
of doubt to bring life
to a world of:
sick, sad, sadistic hurt,
vicious cycles spinning
again and again,
wild fires burning
with out end
brothers AND sisters
re-burnt at the stake,
and the re-building
of walls I live to break

You can build your wall,
as our love stands for all
You can build your wall,
as our love fights
to see it all fall

I’m too smart to give in
to your hate,
I’m too strong,
not alone,
and unafraid
to see your walls:
of us and them,
and not knock them down
and again with soulforce —
I say again and again:
true love
trumps hate
again and again


I’m so tired of waiting
and weighing me down
into the swamps of sorrow,
dank and lone
with no one to blame
but my own
hands tied,
mouth sewn,
eyes shut,
hope broke apart,
like that fearless thing I used
to call my heart

come out of darkness: light

no more sitting silent
in the dim dark
shadows of self-doubt
no more bowing out
and down to fear
no more darkness

out of darkness:

light of love
light of day
light of hope
light of rage
to stand,
not kneel,
to the great weight of the dark
and tear it out


Walk me
through the
I don’t feel,
but hear on my streets,
see on my screens,
and ignore
in history
“Just have your sisters fail,
brothers chained, and
kept down by centuries of
bullshit equality,
dreaming equity,
screaming equity,
needing equity now.”

I’ve got to see
context of the
unequal to me,
forgot and unfree
Join in the seas
marching the streets
dismantling the history of
bullshit equality
dreaming equity
screaming equity
needing equity now


I need to heal myself
But the world wants
something fucking else
Something mindless,
something I am not
I’m not the violent son
cruel unloving one
abusive cold and numb
I am the kind son
gentle loving one
feeling my peace
come undone

by the violent hate
abusive state
on repeat
in your
DEVOID of vulnerability,
destroyed by your masculinity
so will you lend me a hand
to break and change
what it means to be a man to
try to heal inside

may I be I?

RECORDED, Mixed, and mastered by will killingsworth at dead air studios.

Photography by reid haithcock.

thanks to Will, Sam BBB, Trevor Vaughan, Abuse of Power, Faze, Glory, and anyone who has helped us out in some way.

FREE is Austin Stemper, Kei Yasui, patrick flynn, ryan hudon, and shawn costa.

© 2017